Focus on the drops, not the ocean

My friend Emma wants to become a medical doctor but she has other hobbys: changing the world for one. Making it a better place for next generations is actually an obsession for Emma. She is focussing on the drops, not the ocean, which means she is not focussing on the obstacles but on the solutions. The fresh wind we need in a cynical and passive (Western) society when it comes to personal contribution to a cleaner world for example. Why should I fly less if nobody else does? Why should I leave my car in the garage and take the train when everybody else  is prepared to stand in a stinking queu instead? Emma says that an opposite kind of behaviour is not only morally rewarding but should also be rewarded otherwise. Take the bike and get ‘good’ points for good behaviour. Help a helpless entrepreneur in Africa and get a tax cut; contribute knowledge to a hospital in Bangladesh and get a study point or two from your university; connect to an individual somewhere in the world who is less lucky/rich/healthy and give him or her a mental boost by showing that you care. In other words, be human and empathic and create a better world just with your personal energy. Don’t wait for laws, governments, oragnizations but go for it yourself. Thanks Emma, I will.

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