9/11, the lessons learned. A plea to president Obama

Every year on 9/11 I wake up with a shock: will something happen today as a terrible, cynical reminder of the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York (why don’t we ever remember what happened in Washington DC on the same day?)? Will another plane crash into another relic of the West, of capitalism, of democracy?

This year I think of the plan to build a mosque on the site where hundreds of innocent people were killed. President Obama thought it was a good idea until someone convinced him to think otherwise. Stupid. Of course we should applaud the symbolism of this Islamic holy place on the spot where a very small representation of the Muslim community created a satanic image of the religion as a whole. This is the occasion to set things straight: the fanatic fundamentalists under the spell of Bin Laden do NOT represent Islam. The Muslims have the right to fight this ordeal and New York City is the place to do so. Why then, Mr. Obama, did you change your mind after your first intuitive reaction that was so pure? Please reconsider! My suggestion is to build a holy place where all religions show their compassion and their tolerance. Something we can witness on Mount Sinai, where all the monotheistic religions celebrate the holy mountain in the Egyptian desert. A great place to visit, by the way. So, not just a mosque, but a  common place for meditation, prayer, peaceful thoughts and forgiving. Because, yes, we have to forgive all those prejudiced ignorants who forgot that every community has its crazy elements but that these elements do not represent the big majority. It is too convenient to use 9/11 for your own discriminatory mind.  So, please, Mr. Obama and Mr. Bloomberg, go for it and create a symbol of intelligence on the place where intelligence once stood.

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