A new nation built on ethnic cleansing?

In ten days from now a new state will be born: South Sudan. Instead of preparing for a huge party, troops of southern and northern Sudan are fighting each other along the new border to be. It is not only about Christians against Muslims. It is about power sharing in the near future. Who is going to have influence in the middle of this huge country? Who will control the oil reserves? Because, yes, it is about oil, as usual. But above all, it is about racism: black (Nubians) against brown (Arabs). While we should be happily preparing for a new state to become member of the international community, an ethnic cleansing is taking place in central Sudan, involving both Northerners and Southerners. Exterminations take place every day. Hate, blind hate, is ruling. Who cares? The Chinese do: they have blocked all international initiatives to intervene and to bother the Sudanese leadership in Khartoum. They expect oil in exchange of political support of the president. The Ethiopian peace keepers around the border between north and south can do little more than watch the hostilities go on. They don’t have orders to stop the genocide in any violent way. Nobody is helping them. And they come from a place that needs all the help it can get itself. Poor Africa? Poor us…It is indeed a cold, ego centric world we live in.

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