Mark Blaisse - Mark Blaisse
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Mark Blaisse
About Mark Blaisse

Who I am …

Of course this is a Socratic question. One answer could be: I am the sum of all my encounters.


What helped was living in seven different countries, studying history & philosophy, spending a decade and a half as a journalist (all media, almost all positions, all over the world) and more than two as a board room consultant (Europa, Africa, Middle East), in the meantime constantly writing (about too many subjects).

Children? Two sons!
Marital status Yes
Home? Amsterdam and Noordwijk (ah, the sea)
Hobbies? Yes
Specialisation? Terrorism, Africa, narcissism
Dream? Meeting the Donald
Fear? Meeting the Donald
Pets? No
Car? Defender
Languages? Seven
Destination? Horizon

What I do …

Currently I am almost a fulltime writer, but also …


  • Owner of Blaisse Concepts
  • Board member of Fronterra Foundation (
  • On the Supervisory Board of Droog Design (Amsterdam)
  • Chair of the Boudewijn Büch Foundation
  • Performing in Paradiso or touring The Netherlands with my play on God’s sense of humor (Schot)
  • Part time teacher and lecturer
  • Co-founder of De Nederlandse School, a post graduate course for super teachers
  • Panarea Publishing Amsterdam (photography, biography, poetry, travel stories, essays, pamphlets)

Where to find me …

I sincerely dislike Facebook!

And Instagram!