Arab Winter Coming & More Revolt on Hand

The Turkish army has -by mistake-  killed almost 40 Kurdish villagers in the South of the country instaed of members of the forbidden PKK. It comes as no surprise that the Kurds in Turkey are planning violent responses. They see the mistake as a provocation and take the opportunity to tell the world how badly they are being treated by the authorities in Ankara. Turkey is quickly irritated as soon as others criticize the way it handles its history: don’t talk about the Kurdish question or, even worse, the Armenian genocide. Genocide? Turkey will deny vehemently any accusation of murder or discrimination. It is a huge taboo and no one has yet been able to change this, as France has recently found out. By announcing a law punishing anyone denying the Armenian genocide (45.000 EU + time in prison) it has provoked Turkey. The answer from Ankara is a heavy boycot of French goods. The point I want to make here is that along the whole coast of the Mediterranean unrest reigns more than a few months ago. Unrest in Turkey; extreme violence in Syria; unrest in Egypt and Algeria. A bit of an unrest in Morocco and maybe a good start for the new government in Tunisia. And all this when I panned to travel along exactly those shores for the weeks to come. I predict a violent winter, not only along Mare Nostrum, but also in countries like Russia, Irak, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Congo, Nigeria, Guinee Bissau and more. When we say Happy New Year we must not forget that it will be unhappy for millions of global citizens. We may have an economical crisis, but being theratened by bombs and terror on a daily basis is certainly less pleasant than skipping steack for a day or two. The price for a successful revolution is always high on the individual front. It is the ‘petites histoires’ that make revolutions work. The heroic deeds of single people, who give their lives for an ideal. Let’s honor these heroes when opening another bottle of Moet & Chandon on Saturday. 

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