Argo or how to provoke Iran

First Iran received the bad news that wrestling is no longer an Olympic sport. Wrestling is for Iran what cricket is for India and Pakistan. Don’t mess with wrestling or you mess with the Ayatollahs. Skipping wrestling? The IOC must have been influenced by enemies of the Islamic Republic, there is no other explanation if you live in Shiraz or Qom. Last night there was another blow to Iran’s confidence. Argo, the Ben Affleck movie about American diplomats trapped by the Iranian revolution, won an Oscar for the best film. And guess who appeared on stage to present the prize? A sexy Michelle Obama in a cute Kahn dress. So this is what they see in Tehran: the wife of the president of the United States presents – with a huge smile and bare arms- an Oscar to the makers of an anti-Iran movie. This can only be interpreted as provocation and I, for one, would understand if Iran got irritated. Talking about timing! Washington pretends to put oil on the waves around the question of Iranian nuclear weapons and tries to convince Israel not to attack Iranian installations, and than comes Argo. Was the film perhaps sponsored by the CIA, as Iranian journalists suggest? Could they, for once (?), be right, and is there no coincidence in this case? Neutral observers may tend to think so. Whatever the truth, Argo and the Oscars are not oil on waves but on fire. Or how Hollywood could trigger a new war. A real one this time.

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