Assange is the global conscience

We asked for it: everything has to be transparent and now that it is, the leaders in the global village are complaining. Hillary Clinton is ashamed of her civil servants in the field. Poor, naive gossipers, that’s what they are. It is time for diplomats and strategic advisers to wake up. There are no more secrets, no more plots, no more plays. Only the truth counts. And you know who really don’t care about what Wikileaks publish? The naughtiest boys in the class: Berlusconi, Putin, Sarkozy. For them there are no surprises. Their whole life is playing with fire, visible, without shame. What do we learn? Be bad and honest! It’s apparently more transparant than semi good and hypocritical. Is being good pretentious and being bad just being human? Up to you to tell me what you prefer.

In the meantime Julian Assange is NOT guilty of anything until proven otherwise. Or is one guilty if one reveals the lies of those who think we, the public, are too stupid to understand the big world out there?

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