Austerity the French way

How they hate Angela Merkel and her austerity driven policies! The French would love Germany to just shut up and leave them alone. Austerity is not a word a country with such grandeur and ambition wants to hear. On the contrary: more money will be spent to keep a grip on former African colonies, to spread the language of Molière and to push French cars on to the global markets. But president Hollande has found one way to please the sour ones in Berlin and Brussels. After having reduced the presidential car park and having cut the salaries of his ministers, he will once again make a gesture! Guess what: he will sell parts of the wine in the cellars of the Elysée! He is considering selling 3 (!) bottles of Petrus and 1 (one) bottle of very old Meurseault, among lots of single bottles of average châteaux. The total is said to be 1200 bottles, worth maybe € 150.000.- And after having bought more sober and cheaper wines to keep the cellars alive, he will donate the revenues to the national treasury! Thank you François, for such generosity! I am curious to see the face of Mrs. Merkel when she finds out in which way France is reacting to her policy, not to say how it is slapping her in the face. Will she order a beer and decide that the EU is ‘passé’, ‘vorbei’? Or will the Chancellery offer to buy the Petrus & More to show how united the two countries are, despite all the gossip? After all, one has to suffer for one’s ideals.

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