Defend Mexican students, they’re in our backyard

The Dutch soccer team played against Mexico yesterday. In front of the stadium demonstrators tried to attract attention for the murder of 43 students in Mexico. They had been kidnapped by the police and turned over to gangsters who killed them in cold blood. Striped naked they were found in a mass grave. The responsible politicians will be tried, the gangsters probably will not. Gangsters in Mexico have taken over half of the state. They disrupt the country and are creating enough chaos for a nation to collapse. The checks and balance system belonging to a healthy democracy is almost non existent; judges are scared, policemen are bribed, politicians are corrupt, greed beats honesty any time. This is too bad for the millions of Mexicans who dream of a peaceful and safe country where potential and opportunities abound. In the meantime we seem to have gotten used to violence in Mexico. Hanging people from bridges with their genitals in their mouth and seeing drug traffickers beating policemen, teen agers violating other teenagers, weapons a gogo, has somehow become the usual stuff. Is that why we shrug our shoulders when another atrocity hits the news? My suggestion is to support Mexico in any way we can to help the authorities get back in control. But if the authorities themselves fail, if power beats decency in the highest regions as well, boycott is the ultimate answer. No more tourists, no more business, no more soccer games.
The world cannot afford a gangster state in its back yard, and Mexico is not South, nor Central, but North America, believe it or not. Our responsibility therefore goes further than diplomatic reactions. I believe it is our moral duty to help the Mexican people to reinstall law and order for the safety of all, especially for students with a critical mind.

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