Britain stops Twitter when it gets hot

Great Britain has decided to intervene in the free flow of Twitter as soon as messages invite people to become violent. From now on it will become difficult to organize the masses when stealing and demolishing other people’s goods are involved. The authorities want to stop being fooled by the speed of information that they obviously are unable to copy. Is this an undemocratic violation of the freedom of expression? Or is this the only right thing to do if you want to prevent organized rioting? How cynical that the People’s Republic of China posted an official comment syaing that the West at last understands how dangerous social media can be and how necessary it is to intervene in the name of…freedom and order.  If we condemn the Chinese authorities for monitoring the Internet  (by using Western software, by the way!), how can we applaud the British decision to do the same with Twitter? Rather a dilemma, one would think. In my opinion one must treat the social media as if they were modern newspapers. And I am against censoring The Guardian or The Sun for that matter. British papers have abused technology to hunt their preys down to the front page. Police and politics have been involved, as we now know. No wonder that these same politicians and policemen are happy to abuse technology again in the name of democracy. Shame on the country where democracy is such a dear treasure. Let the police, instead, learn how to use social media for themselves.

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