Come, let’s create a new business model

Imagine: a big carpet, attached to the ground by four ropes. A kind of flagship, where designers and producers share thoughts and dreams. (we see a big carpet attached in the sand)The place where new ideas are combined to create new products, unexpected alliances and surprising generosity (we see a carpet, attached, full of busy people) The place where different worlds can exchange knowledge. An international co-creation. There is no direct hierarchy, no boss, no single owner, it is about we and us…(we see strangers hugging) Instead of fierce competition, we will discover positive co-creation. (we see exchange of goods and services on a market on the main carpet)
Around this fixed carpet we see all sorts of colorful and different carpets flying independently. They represent trades, talents, specialists, free individuals. (we see colorful carpets with their owners flying around the sky above the sands) All of these can decide to contribute their ingredients to the new dish being prepared on the main carpet. (We see cooks on the main carpet receiving all sorts of ingredients coming from the flying carpets). Create together, provide each other with good ideas and don’t worry about money as we know it…but get paid in precious personal time.
Look, this is our taxi driver. He has no cash, but he can purchase goods by paying with his time as a driver. He can go to our time bank and make a deal. Isn’t it great? Work for time and get paid in the knowledge time of others…(we see the scene) A new business model!
The designer? The producer? The shopkeeper? All paid in a few priceless hours by those he needs. The economy of sharing! Create layers of trust and you will see that it will add up to more than the loose parts…(we see ingredients and then a great dish…everybody enjoying, tasting, laughing. Everybody is the cook! A chef! Surprise!)
Togetherness in a world without boundaries. The world on the main platform becomes fluid and soft. It is all about beauty, innovation, learning, listening and enjoying.
Products are developed by investors, producers and retailers. Here is our global shop (we see a shopkeeper taking goods to a shop) where products are exchanged for time… everyone is a winner… (we see goods exchanging hands and a voucher with ‘my talent and time’ being paid…) This hair salon accepts payment in the form of a broche made out of, well…hair. (We see hair being turned into a broche)
You can join the platform by invitation only. (We see a child coming out of a tent and waving to a grown up man. ‘Come in’, the child waves.) The platform is like a family, with close and distant relations (we see a community, sharing goods, food, rooms, toys, tea ceremony. They are in a big tent.) You work with those you like and trust…
Together we are the community, working and sharing for instance in this tent. A tent that can be everywhere (we see a pop up of the tent appearing in an office in New York) A tent where we co-create and join talents. No borders, no limits. No clash of cultures, just creative beings believing in a new model.
Come, join us! (We see carpets flying around the tent, dropping ideas, people catching them, not running away, but showing them around, talking, putting them in a common basket)

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