‘We got him’ , this is what former president George Bush said when Saddam Hussein was caught in his cave. “The world is a better place”, are president Obama’s words after Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan. Bush the cowboy, Obama the undercooled leader. We can see him and his team watching the raid on video in the White House. Obama saw how Bin Laden was executed and agreed. Eight months of preparation, but the special forces where unable to arrest the terrorist in order to give him a fair trial. We are talking about a ciivilized country defending its rights, not about murderers who believe in a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye…But no, the Americans had to kill him. In self defence? Of course not. Osama was supposed to die, no matter what. The USA will never again be able to say that it respects international laws. A chance to really look civilized has been lost. Cool and sober Obama a cowboy after all.

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