Czar Putin and the wondering tulips

Vladimir Vladimirovitsch Putin is coming to The Netherlands on Monday. He will be received like a Czar. How embarassed our government (and our Queen) must feel. Here comes the man who reintroduced nationalism along the Volga; who hates anything coming from the West; who puts critical journalists and rock bands behind bars and who thinks the Orthodox Church is the leading symbol of his great nation. Russia, Mother Russia, has no friends according to Vladimir. The ennemy is everywhere, jealous, stupid, hungry. Last week he ordered all the NGO’s operating in Russia to be visited by his gorilla’s. Fines were given to those who couldn’t prove they had faught the rats in their cellar or who hadn’t put ‘foreign agent’ on their business card. Two years in prison for those whose papers were not one hundred percent in order. True, in the KGB days this would have meant death by the bullet or a life in Siberia, but still…Putin sees every organization that is financed by a foreign country as a potential spy. That’s why they should made themselves be known as such: the mention ‘foreign agent’ is compulsory for all NGO’s, be it Human Rights Watch or a cultural center run by Germany or France. Meanwhile, everybody bows while despising the Czar. How he wished they would all stop existing and having negative influence on the pure souls of the Russian people. Putin, the modern dictator, who says he misses guys like Lenin and Stalin, and who cannot even spell the word democracy, is welcome in the Low Countries nevertheless. He will discuss the only important thing in life: energy. Gazprom, in his case, the sponsor of the Champions League soccer tournament and one of the companies keeping us warm. We will bow for Putin because he brings us warm towels is these cold months. Who wants to know weather gas is democratic or not? You see? We will shake his hand and wash our own in shameful hypocrisy. And the the day after Putin will have left, all the democrats in The Netherlands will complain about the national cowards. Shame on them! What a relief: we said it! We are OK! In 2013 it is as easy to change sides by the day as it was 70 years ago. History, what will we ever learn from you?

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