Darwin and the power of power

OK, I am wrong. He did it. At least he did something a man in his position shouldn’t have done. Oh, I am sorry, in any position there are things you just cannot do. In whatever position.  Well, you get it. I have been reading all these articles by renown and less known scandalized women about the ugliness of men who abuse women because they are in power. Who the hell do they think they are, these super macho’s with their jobs, money, cars, planes and what have you? Well, ladies, let uncle Darwin tell you: powerful men attract women like honey attracts bees. It’s nature, stupid! Nothing new, nothing surprising. And this doesn’t only happen in France. It’s universal. Uncle Darwin would have explained that according to his theory of the survival of the fittest, the fittest have to show off. How would the females find him otherwise? Yes, they pray, give me your power so my kids will have power. Natural. In the end Mr. Powerful will forget that he got old, that he can’t get away with it, that there are rules of behavior, that he is vulnerable because he has power. Not enough correction along the way, probably…that explains most of it. Anne Sinclair, too busy with her own fame and paintings and fortune. Natural. So Dominique explores the boundaries and falls. Icarus Kahn. Didn’t Darwin also say that there is an age for everything? That if you overplay your hand you will be ridiculized?  Not a nice view. In an orange prison outfit he will be sitting in front of the judge. Fleur fannée in one week. What would Darwin have said? Oh, how cruel nature can be but what a gift to the survival of mankind?

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