DSK free; victim rich

OK, I know Dominique Strauss-Kahn has millions of enemies, not only women. Despite of all facts, stories, implications, affairs and sick attitude, he is a free man now. Free to go back to France and to pick up his life. I predict as ‘an important person’ in French politics (if only to show how awful America has treated the presidential candidate of a proud country hosting the last of machos) . Social injustice? Good lawyers? Not a very trustworthy victim? All possible. But there is another side of the story as well.  I bet the lawyers made a deal. And that the poor maid will go back to Guinée with, say, a million dollars. She deserves it because her reputation received a blow in the world media. She has no future, unless as a rich princess. She will  go home and there she will find any husband she wants. She will send her brothers to university. She will build a house. She will wear the trousers in her clan. She will boss around everybody, because money talks. How would that be for revenge? Please, stop complaining about the male pigs and start applauding the female intelligence. 

Cheers for a shrewd employee and her shrewd counselors. Better to have a million in the pocket and a free macho, than a DSK in prison and no dollar to spend. Who said opportunism is dead?

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