Famine can be solved with Mozart

The Swiss expert on the world’s food situation, Jean Ziegler, has written a ferocious speech that was NOT held during the Salzburger Festspiele. A frontal attack on hypocrisy and the failure to cope with the unnecessary famine in large parts of the world. While the rich listen to Mozart, the poor are dying of hunger in a world where there should be enough foor for all. One can complain about the political obstructions (Horn of Africa) or the failing NGO’s, or the outsourcing of empathy to the West by most African countries and the lack of rain. But central to the huge problem is the lack of real energy and will to solve the problems.

In his little booklet Ziegler (who wrote more than one book on global famine, headed a UN Food Program and has been a member of Swiss parliament)  invites those who close their eyes when hearing Nocturnes, to open their hearts to the needs of the poorest regions. Only a massive protest against the status quo will prevent millions of children, elderly and sick dying of lack of food. We can not hide behind the crisis; we can not hide behind a growing global population that was not meant for the space available. We must deal with the other side of our relative wealth: the responsibiloity we have for others. Sharing and caring. We can discuss the environment, green economy, urban farming, electric cars and the sustainability of high ways, but if we don’t learn how to organize a food chain for all we remain a pittyful lot (Shakespeare’s words). So, sensitive and creative fellow global citizens, with a little help of Mozart and the strings he touches, we should unite and start feeding our neighbors. Jean Ziegler is in his late seventies and he still doesn’t give up. Let him be our example. We can help individually by putting pressure on our politicians, the European institutions and the banks. One voice plus one voice = power. We can make it happen.

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