From DSK to BHL

Ah, the French, how they love to use initials for famous people. Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) for a while dominated the list, but now he is back at the top, glamorous Bernard-Henri Lévy, BHL for friends and foes. BHL, philosopher, writer, journalist, political activist, trusted public advisor and above all ego tripper. BHL rules intellectually over the pragmatic French government, his opinions almost dictates. It was BHL who convinced former president Sarkozy (Sarko) to lead the attacks against the Libyan rulers. At least, this is what has been said in Paris. And now he is trying to get France involved in Syria. Benghazi is Aleppo! If we can kick Qadaffi’s ass, why not Assad’s? It is utterly unfair to leave the Syrian people to a dictator only because the West has less (oil) to loose than in Libya. The veto of China and Russia? Irrelevant, says BHL in Le Monde. France has the right, what?, the obligation to intervene on behalf of the Syrian rebels. France, country of liberty and equality, haven for all those who are persecuted, example of justice and transparency (sic!)…this is BHL at his best. And he, modern d’Artagnan, white shirt open, his long hair romantically waving in the wind, will fight for these principles. He owes to himself, his image, France.
BHL may irritate, infuriate, embarass and exagerate, at least he is sticking out his elegant neck. Rather a guillotine than dishonour! Where are the other European intellectuals? Their pen sharper than swords, their poems stronger than tanks?

Come on you lazy bunch, on the barricades. For Syria, for transparency, for equal rights (Tunesia!), for freedom (Egypt etc.), for Sudan, for more jobs.

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