Gaddafi is welcome in Burkina Faso

I know he is, because Burkina Faso and its leader Blaise Compaoré (not family) love him. Blaise has a palace on newly constructed Avenue Moammar Gaddafi in the capital Ouagadougou. The best hotel in the city is Hotel Libya. You will find a portrait of the colonel in the hall. And in the restaurant. The shadow of the colonel is everywhere. You will find Libyans drinking and smoking havana’s and driving Range Rovers in this poorest country of the world. You will see that Libyans are show time and fun thanks to Gaddafi. Most big development projects are financed by Libyan money, run by Libyan engineers and managers. Oh yes, Blaise’ s best friend he is. And now the international media say that Gaddafi isn’t welcome in Burkina? Don’t believe it. Remember Thomas Sankara, Blaise’s other best friend and fellow country man he was forced to murder in order for himself to become the new president? The Sankara who didn’t see it coming from his mate Blaise and was shot when he thought he would have a nice chat? Well that Sankara used to send food, medicine and gasoline to Libya, when the rest of the world had decided to boycot the colonel. The former leader of Libya never forgot this proof of friendship. He even forgave Blaise for killing his friend. What has to happen, has to happen, even among friends. That’s a well known philosophy in Libya. So how can Blaise close the door to Gaddafi? The man who pumped millions into his very fragile economy? Who will come to his rescue, if not the Leader of the Green Revolution, who will have taken millions on his way out of Libya? Or are the millions in Ouagadougou bank accounts already? Blaise sharing with his host who will live in his own palace, built with his own Libyan money. I would be the last one to be surprised.  Friendship knows no frontiers, just like NATO’s stupidity when it comes to analizing Gaddafi’s next steps.

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