Goodbye to Nuclear

A disaster is developing in Japan’s nuclear plants in Fukushima. Whatever will happen, one thing is clear: we have understimated the fragility and vulnarability of these kind of energy providers.  Yes, the responsible people now say, we have taken into account earth quakes. But, no, we haven’t thought of a tsunami. But there is more to worry about: some of the plants are 40 years old and have been built on grounds with huge liability… Why haven’t they been modernized? Arrogance of the owners, the energy companies, might be one of the answers…

Today the Prime Minister of Japan is complaining that nobody tells him the truth. Japan is an example of calm reaction  and zen approach to fear, but this is ridiculous. How can the authorities react adequately if they are not informed? And how can energy companies keep on lying in times of crisis?

The mysteries surrounding risk management in nuclear plants are a risk in themselves. It teaches the public that there is no such thing as a 100% safe nuclear reactor. So why bother discussing the future of nuclear energy in countries like The Netherlands? There is none.

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