Google, the assistant of American intelligence

It had to happen: the American government is spying on us via Google. The special Avatar Agents have penetrated the system and by doing so they can follow all our moves on the net. The management of Google says they had no idea this was happening. Hardly credible. And if they knew, what would our answer be? To boycot Google? Impossible. The power of the machine is far too big. We were all apparently sleeping while Google conquered not only the world of information, but also our privacy. There is only one solution: to set up a company that invents ueber fire walls, the ultimate protection tools in order for us to go on the internet anonimously. I want to be free to search for tips on how to make a bomb without the CIA believing that I am a terrorist. I want to look at North Korean sites without fearing a knock at my door from anti-communist agents. I propose to create the anti-Big Brother company: Little Sister. For guaranteed privacy and personal freedom.

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