Guantanamo, a cry from the cell.

This is a short version of the story of Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbal, prisoner since 2002 in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, property of the US, whose president Barack Obama has promised to do all he can to close its doors. But Guantanamo is still open, in the fifth year of Obama’s presidency. Samir is behind bars without a clear charge, without a trial and force-fed while tied to a chair. Samir tells the story about the torture of tubes that are inserted in his stomach, the catheter that was inserted in his body as he was not allowed to go to the toilet (or to pray), his complete lack of human rights. He had one occasion to tell the story when his lawyer talked to him over the phone. The lawyer gave the story to The New York Times.
Samir is on a hunger strike to restore his dignity, but the authorities don’t want him to become a martyr. So they feed him with force. He lost 30 pounds, nonetheless. In his surrounding Samir has two inmates weying 77 pounds (35 kg) and 99 pounds (45 kg) respectively. Phantoms. Samir is said to have been a guard to Osama bin Laden, but he denies this. The authorities know that there is no proof but they don’t really seem to care. Samir, now 35, wants to go back to his family Yemen, but the US president believes that he will then again turn to terrorism, which Samir says he has never adopted in the past. Samir has vomited blood. Nobody seems to care. Fourty other detainees or on hunger strike and are fainting every day. There is not enough staff to force-feed everyone. Samir has chosen to die rather than accept his situation any longer. The Guantanamo prison is a global responsibility. The US, Europe, Yemen must react before it is too late and Guantanamo becomes the ever lasting shame of the world.

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  • Daan Rosenberg Polak
    Geplaatst op 13:35h, 17 april Beantwoorden

    Very good that you publish this tragic example of a total lack of justice.
    Particularly painful for what whe used to call ‘the free world’: the US, Canada and Western-Europe.

    Warm regards, Daan RP

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