Guilty unless proven otherwise?

In our country a suspect is not guilty unless proven otherwise. In the United States it is the other way around. Another left over from the good old Western days, when a sheriff could put any cowboy in prison as long as he was a suspect. No hard proof needed. Shoot first and ask later…. Dominique Strauss-Kahn may be guilty, but maybe he is not.  If he is he can count on tough punishment. Just look at the American system with its transparency (welcome to all media!), its female judge (have you noticed the determined lips of Melissa Jackson who wouldn’t let S-K go on bail? Brrr) and  its jury (that would be oh so happy to put an arrogant Frog behind bars) and you know our French suspect has no chance. And if he leaves prison one of these days because there is no proof, he will be destroyed anyway. Thank you America for sharing so much with us and for proving that all men are equal before God. Some are a little more equal and vulnerable than others. But that doesn’t interest anyone in the paradise of freedom and equal opportunities. Try doing this with  Sarah Palin. Or with Hillary Clinton. You see what I mean.

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    I’m afraid it’s the same in this country when one has a conflict with tax people or in some cases with real estate involved: the law shoots first, inflicts damage, takes a lot of time, suspect goes bankrupt and in the end there is no case or the suspect is set free by the judge………

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