Holland should invite Snowden

It is a pitty that the world is sending Snowden to Caracas. He is supposed to live in a country where they understand the importance of freedom of ideas. And of the freedom to disclose undemocratic measures by governments. Countries like Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and The Netherlands should be fighting for the privilege of hosting Snowden. Instead, they act as professional cowards, more or less led by American principles. What does Europe mean if we cannot fight for an individual who has the courage to denounce the excesses of our social network societies? Please, wake Up, and see the importance of the individual Snowden versus the rest of the world: if we give in, we lose our right to freedom of speech and thus of freedom ‘tout court’. Hey, Snowden, don’t move to a dictatorship, come and live in Holland, where people pretend to know what freedom is.

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  • Raul lansink
    Geplaatst op 08:04h, 11 juli Beantwoorden

    If Snowden has indeed acted out of moral considerations, then the man deserves a statue. Frightening to see how lame or timid the EU governments have reacted. Extremely disconcerting to notice how the general public shrug their shoulders and continue doing whatever they were doing (on the Internet)

    Living in Venezuela is not all that bad, compared to the closet Assange has been staying now for two years.

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