How to loose in Dutch style

So sorry folks, wherever you are, but the way the Dutch are celebrating their tour in the World Soccer Cup is just one big scandal. I am not saying you can’t celebrate when you finish second of the world. Quite an accomplishment for a country of 16 million inhabitants. What I am saying is that the Orange team destroyed a carefully built up image of intelligent and technical soccer play within half an hour or so, during the final in Jo’ burg. What a destructive way of playing! Was that sports we saw or a Marine exercise? What inspired the players to stop hitting the ball and start injuring the opponents from Spain instead?  Is there a new tactical appraoch called: hit and provoke until the other gets expulsed? Get them to irritate the referee and collect a red card? If that is the name of the game, we should leave that to Italy, Brasil or Spain. Dutch are butchers without the style it needs to kill without being noticed.  The British referee wasn’t fooled: he knew what Orange was up to and distributed 9 cards to the Dutsch alone (16 in total! Spain had to answer somehow)! An absolute record for a final and an absolute low for Dutch (and for that matter international) soccer. Next time, let’s loose in beauty and celebrate in style.

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