Ideas 2011

Mind maping ideas for 2011 — with the help of the Atlantic Monthly — I came to the following tentative list:

Ideas that should be self evident and are:

– the infrastructure of the web is gossip; there is an ‘ I ‘ in the word ‘ Team’; camouflage only works if it can be seen; electronnic networks contain the seeds of their own destruction  (to be extended)

Ideas that should be self evident but aren’t:

-your kid is not so special; banks are still too big to fall; the next war will be digitized; America is not Portugal; empowering the minority is good for the majority (the answer to Geert Wilders??); the best teachers belong in the worst schools; the pursuit of happiness makes you feel miserable (to be extended)

Once inspiring ideas that are not any longer:

– the Arab spring; gay is the new normal; parents should constantly praise their children; the triumph of new age medicine; the middle class is rising (just not ours); elections work  (to be extended)

Ideas  that will make you feel poor:

-the rich are even richer than you thought; nothing stays secret; democracy is bad for tourism; the maniac will be televised; the green revolution is neither; free will is a 19th century delusion; banks are still to big to fall; politicians can’t be trusted (anywhere); medical care is merely a placebo  (to be extended)



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