Interested or Interesting?

Just read that Jane Fonda (73) thinks it is more important to be interested than to be interesting. It took some 60 years + 3 husbands + a Vietnam bloop + being a chameleon + fighting with almost all her friends and family, but finally wisdom prevails. Fonda is not any longer interested in being interesting but realizing that becoming interesting through being interested is the thing to do.

She also said that her ex-husband Ted Turner lives horizontally, while she prefers to live vertically. Horizontally not as ‘in bed with others all the time’, but as in ‘I have to run to make things happen all the time’. Nice image, living vertically. Planting seeds; growing roots instead of floating around; researching instead of accepting; reflecting; breathing; investing in others; sharing. Yes, I definitely like both of Fonda’s wise expressions.

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