Is Merkel a marxist godmother?

There is a sudden doubt floating through the EU about the real Angela Merkel, the one she might have stayed, the one she might have been hiding. This is due to a new, anti-Merkel book published in Germany by a conservative analyst. As everyone knows, Angela is a child from the East, from the former GDR. According to Gertrud Höhler, the former advisor of chancellor Helmut Kohl, Mrs Merkel, a.k.a. The Godmother ( ‘Die Patin’, as in the title of Höhlers’ book), is a ‘cynical, protean woman, who values nothing but her own power…’ Mrs Merkel cannot help this: she has been brain washed in a dictatorship where one could ‘trust nobody. commit to nothing…in order to ride the zeitgeist, no matter where it lead or which idiot was in power’, in the words of this week’s edition of The Economist. ‘To have values was dangerous. To be vague was advisable..’
French daily Le Monde has also paid attention to the ‘she-wolf’, calling her the ‘crypto authoritarian godmother’ in the August 25th edition. British and French media are making fun of the tough chancellor, while immediately admitting that author Höhler is wrong in many aspects. Yes, she steals ideas from other parties (anti nuclear energy from the Greens and family policy from the SPD) and she is difficult to read. But no, Mrs Merkel has not left the democratic path, and, no, she is in no way more powerful than even a ‘normal’ French president (like Mr Hollande). There is hardly any country in the world where parliament is so strong as the Bundestag…So why this semi-serious attack on Angela Merkel? Because she does have huge power and because she is in the lead when it comes to the euro. Frustrating for the men in London and Paris? And of course, because she wears her clothes more than once in public. Very marxist indeed. Or are Le Monde and The Economist, in this case, too bourgeois (and anti-German) to be true?

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