Israel through a peep hole

The famous war historian Martin van Creveld held a lecture yesterday in Amsterdam about the future of war and peace in the Middle East from an Isareli point of view. He was invited by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose spokesman told the guests that Van Creveld’s opinions are not necessarily those of the Dutch government. Good for him, because the historian’s  opinions were not only radical -which is nice- but especially biased -not to say racist in tone- and over simplified. For him every Arab is an idiot, every Arab newspaper is full of ‘nonsense’, every Arab country is filthy rich but never learned how to share with its people and somehow blows everything anyway. Van Creveld is again and again flabbergasted by the stupidity of the Arab world. And he is not only dismissing the Arab brains. Van Creveld obviously thought that his audience maybe finished primary school, but not much more. He managed to bark obvious fact after well known detail, talking in staccato like a professional dictator. Repeat and repeat and go slow and even slower, that’s how you capture your audience, is what he must have hought. It didn’t work. The poor man had a most denigrating attitude, certainly for someone who is supposed to be a man of science, not of propaganda stories. In one whole hour he said nothing intelligent, nothing surprising, let alone anything to help us understand the huge problems in the Middle East. A shame. Foreign Affairs, please check your speaker next time on integrity, respect for others and personal courage. Keep us far from yet another bla bla ego tripper who underestimates our common sense and intelligence.  Van Creveld is a danger to peace. Dividing the world in ‘them’ and ‘us ‘ will not end wars. He  certainly does not represent  the vision of young Israeli. And probably neither those of the older generation. What a waste of time it was.

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