Ivory Coast Solution

The pictures of the dead on the streets in Ivory Coast are a shame for those who know what went wrong during the presidential elections that split the country after the result was made public.  This is what most people know: outgoing president Gbagbo doesn’t want to accept his defeat and the winner, Mr. Ouattara, cannot take the presidential seat. That’s why the country faces civil war and bankrupcy. The revengeful shootings have already started. The African Union has mobilized a special commission to deal with the case but this doesn’t seem to help.

Now what has probably really happened? The chairman of the voting commission, the one who announced to the world press that Ouattara had beaten Gbagbo, was the one who declared the voting results in certain districts as falsifications. He spoke about foul play and didn’t take the results into the general account.  After counting the valid votes, Outtara was declared winner. But did the chairman have the right to do this without consulting with his fellow voting commissioners? Or was it all done in purpose after a bribe here and there from the Ouattara party as is beinig suggested?  Will we ever know for sure? What we do know is that Gbagbo probably would have won the election if the votes in the disqualified districts had been considered as valid. Anyhow, there is a way out: let Gbagbo stay as president with Outtara as Prime Minister. After a year they change roles. And in 2013 new elections will show who the people of Ivory Coast prefer as their supreme leader. The Russian (and Zimbabwian) model so to speak.  No face loss is necessary: the two presidential candidates are both members of the Free Massons. A closed loge where members can discuss anything ‘ a discrétion’…No one needs to know what the deal is. But it will stop the blood shed and save the economy of this big exporter of coffee and cocoa. 

Members of the AU Commission for Ivory Coast, presidents of Burkina Faso, South Africa, Chad and Mauretania, please give the two wounded ego’s the Massonry card and ask no more questions!

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