Mali, who cares?

Mali, Timbouctou, Bamako, Dogon Valley, treasures, real people, ancient culture, fascinating rituals. Who knows? Monuments of human wisdom have been destroyed by fanatic Muslims in Timbouctou, the mythical city, the home of few of the oldest books in the world. Hardly anyone reacted, except by words. A dream smashed to pieces by idiots, claiming Islam as their guidance, ignoring their own ignorance. Bamako, where French opera’s have been performed for glamourous audiences, flown in from all over the world, is now a spooky town filed with fear and humiliation. This is a Muslim country with no religious ambition, with creative intellectuals, musicians, writers, poets, now forgotten in the name of the international fight against terrorism. A country at war with itself, intelligence fighting stupidity that was trained and armed by the Americans before the troops left the regular army to join the Jihad, and than again armed by the French via Libya, where the mercenaries from Northern Mali have fought before they stole the guns and rockets. The same French who are now fighting a well trained Jihadist army that uses the same weapons. Thanks to Parisian opportunism. Imagine being a French soldier in Mali, facing the mistakes made by his superiors. This war is already lost in a philosophical (French) sense. The dissidents in the North know they will beat the local army and they will defeat the paid European soldiers (because more will follow, no doubt about that) who started off not believing what they saw. French weapons against French weapons? The believers will win. Like they did in Afghanistan. Mr. Hollande, welcome to reality: it’s all about belief, not about technology, money or intelligence. Allah is greater than the Marseillaise.

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