Marathon Man

New York Marathon cancelled! Mayor Bloomberg said three days ago that New York will handle anything, with or without a hurricane. New York needs the millions of dollars the 47.000 runners bring to the city and New York never gives up. Didn’t you know? We are the City of Hope…
Yesterday the rethoric bounced back like a boomerang. The citizens said no, not now. The police has other work to do than monitoring a marathon. There are buildings to save from the water and corpses of victims are still being found on Staten Island. One million inhabitants are still without electricity, using candles when they go to the toilet or want to use their kitchen. This was all known to the authorities on Wednesday. Why then wait until tens of thousands of athletes gather in town, expecting the promise of a race to come true? New York is a mess but the mayor wanted to play hard ball. Stupid and arrogant.

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