Mr. Ahmedinedjad, this way please

Mr. Ahmedinedjad, I imagine that you are pleased with the riots in Egypt, the unrest in Tunesia, the movements in Jordan and the nervousness in Israel. Your dream to become the third most powerful leader in the world, after China and the US, is almost coming true. A few more lucky moments and Iran will stand at the gates of Cairo, Tunis and Amman. The tsunami of change will be felt in the palaces of Saudi Arabia. The Americans will have trouble staying at the side of the Saud royal family members who will soon have to flee to Chicago and Los Angeles. Like Mr. Mubarak just before them and the late shah a little longer ago, they will find refuge in America, far from the sands and heat of the Middle East. Then your time to move will have arrived: your friends of the Muslim Brotherhood will take care of Egypt with your gentle support; your influence in the rest of Northern Africa will appraoch the level of your presence in Irak; Afghanistan by that time is at your mercy, like Pakistan. You will move the royal family of Jordan to Saudi Arabia, where they belong anyhow. The Hashemites are, after all the legal guardians of Mecca and Medina, so no problem there. Jordan then can be occupied by the Palestinians, who will at last have their home. And Israel? Why bother? With no reliable friends left, like Mubarak or the powerless Obama, Israel will become more isolated by the day and disappear without Iran’s intervention. Or maybe it will stay and be the last (but necessary)  enemy. You will need an army for one reason or another, won’t you? Ah, Mr. Ahmedinedjad, and finally you will own a nuclear bomb without anyone daring to criticize. You are the power, you have the power, so why not show it?

This way, please, Mr. President. Who is going to stop you? How you must be laughing in Teheran: you reached your final goal without even a fight. The whole path was prepared by your own Muslim brothers. How lucky you are. Number three? How about becoming number two?

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