Mr. Erdogan’s feminism

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan loves women, but he doesn’t consider them equal to men. The main reason is that they get pregnant and that pregnancy is ‘an obstacle to equal opportunity in the workplace.’ Mr. Erdogan said this during a conference on justice and rights for women in Istanbul, last Monday. I imagine him walking through his brand new presidential palace with its 1000 rooms (yes, 1000!) and dreaming of the harem this place could become. A thousand women, all pregnant, all unequal or at least unable to work due to their biological task. Women, who in his eyes are not good enough to do both, making babies AND work. Women who apparently should be happy to be taken care of in a palace or a simple home. Cook and shut up, seems to be the message. Mr. Erdogan wants every Turkish woman to give birth to at least three children in order to enlarge the Turkish population. Why? What are his greater plans? To get back to the former status of the sultanate? To become the leading player in the region? He’s got the palace, he’s got a traditional view of women and he’s got the power. Let’s hope the strong feminist movement in Turkey goes to the streets and threatens to stop making babies. No rights, no f…

One wonders why Turkish immigrants in The Netherlands are complaining about discrimination in their country of adoption (with work, equal rights, freedom of the press, social security, pensions, housing, good hospitals and schools) if the situation in their country of origin is so much worse.

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