Mr. Murdoch, be a role model and get out

Rupert Murdoch, you are or were the owner of 200 papers, amongst which the now defunct NOTW; you are the employer of 55.000 people who work for one of your businesses; you have handpicked managers like Mrs. Brooks; you know what your readers want (sensation, gossip, well packed insinuations, scoops) and that made you a rich man. Now you are just saying that you are sorry about what happened to all the victims of the hackers inside your papers? Your excuse is that you couldn’t possibly know. Who cares if you knew or not. You are responsible. For vthe methods of your employees. For the culture in your news rooms. For the death of a young girl, Milly Dowler. For the death ofone of your journalists who was too ashamed to go on living. You are responsible for the pain of many, many others. Whether you like it or not. It is not only about being right or wrong and it is not enough to close down the NOTW. It is about taking responsibilities. About being a role model for your management, your reporters and, indeed, your readers. So if your top people  resign (Brooks), you should do the same. Not knowing is irrelevant. It all happened under your umbrella. And God knows what else happened there. Ah yes, He must resign too. And Mr. Cameron will do so very soon as well.

It’s all about the role model, if you see what I mean. Just ask your son James, in case of a doubt.

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