Orthodox Army

All those young Israeli who serve in the army must have been irritated for a long time: their orthodox friends had the privilege not to wear a uniform. While the regular Israeli have to endure years of training, running, sweating and shooting, the privileged ones were able to stay home and pray for their country instead of guarding the boarders. Now a new law forces them to take off their orthodox clothes and spend time under the arms. I cannot imagine one of them becoming a member of the Special Forces, but I can see them in the medical and ambulance services. I have always admired the way orthodox Jews have the nerve to collect the remnants of bodies after terrorist attacks in order to deliver a complete body to the grave. The day the Lord comes to fetch all the good men and women, He must be able to take 100%. (That is also why the bits flesh of the circumcized boys are being kept by the rabbi…) If you can scrap brains from a wall, you must be able to fight a war. Who knows how surprisingly good the orthodox will do once they start believing in themselves as armed defenders and not only as Talmud readers. One thing is for sure: never underestimate true believers.

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