The Dutch government has decided to close its embassy in Burkina Faso.  Why Ouagadougou? A few years ago it was decided to help this extremely poor country with tens of millions of Euros for educational purposes. The other financial support comes from countries like Germany that have taken up agriculture, clean water projects, infrastructure and logistics, among other themes. All these efforts can only succeed with an educated population to support the foreign initiatives. Now that the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs has decided to close shop in Burkina Faso, what will happen? Most other international projects will suffer or even stop functioning all together. The narrow minded officials in The Hague have obviously never set foot in Africa, or they kept their eyes closed. If the Netherlands needs to keep more and more of the development money in the pocket, it should save on expensive residences, cocktail parties, cars and blabla, instead of sentencing a whole network of programs to death. Being small doesn’t mean one can afford to be stupid. Can we collect millions for Burkina via the private sector? If we can do for the arts, why not for humans?

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