Postcard from DC

Washington DC is in  many ways a copy of ancient Rome: the power buildings, the impressive boulevards, the money, the symbolism. Yes, this is the global centre of the mighty. This is where Big Ideas and Big Wars are being planned. You can almost smell the adrenaline when you walk on Capitol Hill. Funny, but in front of the White House this smell disappears. A friendly, rather small complex, with lawns and rose gardens and a black president who smiles his way through time. Nothing threatening from there. Back on Museum Avenue the smell is back: we are the best, biggest, greatest…in everything, even in art collections. I took a boat to watch DC from the water and passed by Marine Laboratories where they invent the weapons of tomorrow. I drove past the CIA Headquarters and the mighty law firms and Public Affairs companies and felt it all the way: this country is not prepared to share power with others. This country lives on power and would die if, say, China would take over. The IMF and the World Bank in Beijing? No way…

And then I give a dollor to one of the hundreds of beggars who live on the streest of clean and rich DC. And, as always, I wonder how one can accept such a gap between rich and poor and just keep on jogging.

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