Postcard from Nuuk

I know, you probably don’t know Nuuk and I promise I am not here out of my free will! Nuuk is the capital of Greenland (a little further towards the Arctic than Iceland, where all the ash comes from), a little hole with maybe 15.000 citizens whose only ambition is to go fishing on a boat during the weekends. I am supposed to fly to Kangalussuaq, another Inuit name, where a former American air base can handle the only Airbus Greenland Air owns. This plane flies once a day (not on weekends) to Copenhagen, the only destination it wants to consider. This only plane is grounded in Copenhagen. This could last up to a month, or even a year if I believe the CNN reports…One year on the ice, with no newspaper, little fresh food (much is being imported by the famous plane), no money to buy a boat, no house (there are long waiting lists for the local population already), no job, no cinema and nowhere to travel to (the roads stop after the last house in Nuuk). Yep, I am stuck in the end of the world, no priority for anyone, no chance of getting evacuated via, say, New York (2 hours flight) or Canada. What am I going to do? I am trying to use my enormous amount of time the best way I can in a place without any seduction but I have a block that limits my creativity. Because I don’t know when I will be able to leave there is no horizon and I am discovering that I need such an horizon to be able to function. This is not holiday but camp, with no end in sight. It makes me home sick and that paralyzes me even more. At last time, the only thing money can’t buy, tons of empty days, and no way to enjoy it. Am I stupid? Or just a spoiled urban brat? Is there anyone out there who can HELP!?

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    So, what’s it like to live in Greenland? Any fun things to do?
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