Scenes in a New York Hotel Room

1) The cute version

Knock, knock! No answer. The maid wants to close the curtains of this $ 3.000.- a night suite in this New York City Sofitel. She hesitates. Inside is the boss of the IMF, a sturdy French guy by the name of Strauss or Kahn, or something foreign. She knocks again. Then she decides to just walk in. He might be in the bar or in a meeting downstairs. She closes the heavy curtains and turns around and stands face to face with a naked, dripping man. He just came out of the shower. That’s why he didn’t hear her knock. My God, what to say? ‘ Good evening Sir, or is it still afternoon? I am sorry, Sir. Iam….well, I knocked, you see, but…’   The man looks friendly. He is old. He seems to like the maid and the way she excuses herself. He makes a move towards her. To comfort her, To show her that he isn’t angry. That’s when she decides to run. Out of the suite, into the corridor, down with the service elevator. She arrives in the pantry, pale and excited at the same time. She explains to her colleagues what happened. One of her American friends tells her that this smells like a case of sexual harrassment. Another, Puerto Rican this time, uses the verb ‘to sue’ .  An idea is born: let’s call the police and see what happens. Why not go for a million dollars? The American law is strict: sex or sexual intimidation involving an unwilling partner is punishable by law. Yes!

2) The political version (I)

Same story, but the maid knows exactly what she is doing. She has been sent by the PR-campaign leader of French president Nicolas Sarkozy. The idea is to embarass the probable presidential candidate of the Socialist Party. Strauss-Kahn is known as a ‘chaud lapin’ , a hot guy, a notorious womanizer. She goes into the suite, absolutely sure that he is under the shower. He comes out of the bathroom, and she screems. She reacts as if he has thrown himself upon her. She resists, of course. But the damage is done. It is her word against his: did he or did he not try to assault her? The man has a bad reputation; the maid is defenseless and -of course- naive. Guess what the judge will say? It will not help to argue, to say that a man of his stature doesn’t need to rape a maid in a hotel to get his part…That there is too much at stake to take such a risk. Not in America. Being French will not help either. O la la.

3) The political version (II)

Same story, but the idea comes from S-K’s own party, where the anti-semitic faction is strong.  Opposition to the candidacy of a ‘foreigner’ is bigger than the chance to fight Sarkozy with a man of courage, reputation and intelligence. Let’s destroy him gently with his own hobby. A few minutes were enough.  Good riddence.

In any case it’s over for Dominique S-K. This is what one could call the (always underestimated) power of women. And it shows how easy it is to break  a reputation that took years to build. No, not that reputation!

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