Socrates’ hungry mind or what is love?

If you want to think like Socrates, think about asking the right questions. It will change your mood, your view on the world and probably even your life. Catalan chef Ferran Adrià for instance asked his staff the simple looking question: what is wine? After a few minutes someone suggested, a drink? But Adrià wasn’t satisfied. What if I make ice cream out of wine, or a sauce, or a candy bar, what is it then? Is ‘multifunctional ingredient’ the right answer?
We take for granted that we know the meaning of the words we use, but in fact we often have no clear idea. What is love? A woman? Loneliness? Ask yourself about the meaning of anything important to you and you will find that finding the exact answer will take you a ling time. it is fun and helpful to discuss the meaning of words and things in a small group, a so called Socratic dialogue, where listening to each other is as important as using your common sense. No internet, no books or articles allowed, just your own hungry brain. It is about deconstructing the meaning of a word, just like Adrià deconstructs an asparagus or an olive. Take it down to its deepest meaning, its roots, and you will find surprising results. What is love, indeed? A chemical process initiated by certain substances in our body that wake up when we feel butterflies in our stomach? Is love more than that, is it coming from our heart (does the heart ‘feel’ at all?), are the gods of love involved and who may they be? You see, it is not that simple after all. The beginning of a new year is often the time for good intentions. Why not try Socrates instead of running till you drop and discover how creative your mind really is?

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  • Derk
    Geplaatst op 19:05h, 07 januari

    Very good friends of ours do exactly this at the end of dinner parties, where everyone draws a litlle piece of paper out of a bowl with a single word on it.. …… Meaningfull discussions, including everyone, are the result…….