Stop complaining, move to/invest in Africa

While many Europeans are wondering how they will financially survive the coming decade, the clever ones are focusing on Africa. They invest in funds that help modernize the continent (logistics, energy, medicine, education etc.) AND EXPECT DOUBLE DIGIT RETURNS. The continent is the world’s next great growth engine, but it is not only optimism that leads the way: hundreds of millions are at risk of being left behind, corrupt leaders will keep on filling their own pockets, citizens filled with anger and frustration will go to the streets and create an African Spring with bloody revolts. Nevertheless, if you find the right funds with the right African partners, odds may be on your side. What the hell, things at home are even less reassuring!
Here is the good news, as a starter:
-According to the International Monetary Fund, GDP across sub-Saharan Africa has risen an average of 5% to 7% in all countries since 2003.
-In the past decade six of the ten fastest growing countries in the world were African.
-This year five African countries will outgrow China, 21 will beat India and only two -Gambia and Swaziland- will expand more slowly than Europe and the U.S.
-Hundreds of millions of Africans will likely be lifted out of poverty in the next decade.
-Investment first outpaced aid in 2006 and now doubles it.
-108 million more African pupils will attend school in the next decade.
-In 2100 more than a third of the world’s young people will live in sub-Saharan Africa (where the average age today is 18,6).
-In 40 years the population of sub-Saharan Africa will have more than doubled to 1,9 billion.
-Kick-starting Africa’s mobile-banking boom, Kenya’s M-PESA service has grown by an average of 3,5 million customers per year since it started in 2007, reaching 34% of Kenyans in 2011..
-By 2016 , there will be over a billion cell phones in use on the continent, an essential tool for information, communication, entrepreneurship (and revolution. If the goodies aren’t shared with the people, they will be grabbed by force.)

More Africa-funds are available than ever before, headed by serious professionals with good track records. Maybe you should trust them. In any case loosing money in Africa isn’t worse than loosing it here.

Sources: Time; World Bank; CIA World Factbook; UN;; Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

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