Syria, Geneva, Hypocrisy

The Geneva conference on Syria has finished in a compromise that is unacceptable. It leaves it to the Syrians to solve their internal problems. What? It asks the parties -the Syrian government and the Syrian opposition- to negotiate about a new government. Not excluding Mr. Assad himself, thanks to the insistence of Russia. What do the creative politicians gathered in Geneva had in mind? A little party with murderers and torturers on one side of the floor and the freedom fighters on the other waiting to be invited to dance? Come on, this is so ridiculous that I am wondering who is going to be fooled by ‘Geneva’. This is just a way to gain time (for Mr. Assad and his gang) not a way to a peaceful solution. THis is the proof that Mr. Putin’s influence is much bigger than the French, Americans and British care to admit. This is definitely embarassing for the West and this will show the day the Syrian opposition has kicked Mr. Assad’s ass, which will eventually happen, despite ‘Geneva’. Opportunism and hypocrisy have a high price. After the victory of the opposition, the influence of Europe in the region will be taken over by Turkey and a few minor players.
800 civilians have died last week, victims of coward bombings from helicopters and tanks. Mr. Assad is a war criminal who cannot return to any political table, let alone to power. Everybody knows this, but the economic arguments prevail above humanitarian ones. Shame on the West for not crushing Mr. Putin’s short term vision which he sells as long term. Where is the courage and vision the West showed in Libya? How will we be able to explain why Libyans are worth more than Syrians? Yes. Libya is in chaos today, but in a free chaos, very different from Mr. Assad’s dictatorial chaos. In the meantime Mrs. Assad (with her British passport) has been seen shopping in Harrod’s. Who cares?

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  • Ramin Karimiyan
    Geplaatst op 09:08h, 05 juli Beantwoorden

    thanks. good point. it seems the western diplomats lost their orientation engaging with lots of trouble in the world, especially in the ME. what do you think is their real fear?

    • Mark Blaisse
      Geplaatst op 14:07h, 13 juli Beantwoorden

      their real fear is loosing control over what they feel are their oil fields. And they fear the suppremacy of Russia and China. And they fear loosing their jobs, of course 🙂

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