Tonight the Belgian TV program Canvas will start a series on taboos. It will include obesitas, homosexuality, suicide and giving away your baby to strangers because you just can’t cope as a mom. Very good idea. I am wondering if the taboo on the question of overpopulation of our earth will get attention.  We are 6,9 billion of us fighting for food, fresh water, jobs, respect, love, tuition, fuel, health care, homes, land, transportation and communication. Soon we will be 10 billion. And if we believe in professor Etienne Vermeersch’  theory that the consumption of these 10 billion in a few years from now will be the equivalent to the consumption of 47 billion human beings than we seem to be getting into real trouble…When will the limit of peaceful and healthy co-existing be reached? Can we find ways to stop the growth of the global population by going further than voluntary abstination or the one-child per family policy (like in China)? This is the taboo: Are scientists already discussing ways of  ‘eliminating’ certain people (unhealthy, too old, too stupid) in case of dramatic overpopulation that will lead to civil wars, plagues etc.? Are there serious people thinking of  ‘solutions’  that will include inhumane selection and discrimination just to save the ‘others’ ? I wouldn’t be surprised. I can hear this philosopher trying to convince that biologist that, unfortunately, there is no other way… But, of course, it being a taboo, no one will be prepared to discuss this in the open.  Canvas, give it a try…

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