The harmony model: communism = capitalism

The world fair in Shanghai will force all of us to admire China’s ability to plan and organize huge events at absurd costs. After the Olympic Games, this is what it wants to prove again: China can do everything better, faster and smarter. Don’t doubt: what is still Made in China today, will be From China With Love tomorrow. And Love stands for “you depend on us, we own your economies, we dictate the rules, we set the pace…”. China for China, that’s what it is all about. And this goes much deeper than most observers dare to admit. In Europe we still think that Europe is leading in cultural and artistic matters. Not true. In the USA they still think that their country is lesding the economies. Not true. In the whole world outside China they dream of cheap products and profits made over the backs of the Chinese workers: that is over as well. The producers now own the distribution centers, the hubs, the logistics, the communication industries, the telecom, IT and you name it. Don’t believe the names of the owners when you read them in the official papers: Jones is in reality Chang; Smith is Chow.

What to do? Join the Chinese and give up fighting or competing. It’s over. Become Chinese, it’s not a race after all, but a culture. Learn Chinese, eat Chinese, dream Chinese. and you might be allowed to join the big game. Play along their rules. And never forget that it is China that teaches not to loose energy on conflicts or fights. It’s about harmony, stupid. Communism = Harmony Model…Great! Nobody has time to loose, everybody wants to become rich, the Party is just there to make sure this happens…without political disharmony. Who says communism doesn’t lead to capitalism? You see, you’ve been wrong all the way.

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    C C C
    communism, capitalism, corruption!!!

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