The relevance of Greece

Saving Greece has nothing to do with economical discipline within the euro zone, despite what bankers, politicians and analysts pretend. Nor is the consequence of  a gentleman’s agreement made years ago to ignore the numbers give by Athens and to just say yes to the strategic importance of Greece as a military and political ally. Yes, we all knew the economical basics were lies. And yet we also knew that whatever it would take, a Europe without Greece is no Europe. Italy also knows: a Europe without Rome is unthinkable. But a Europe without Madrid or Lisbon? Possible… Spain and Portugal should be wise enough to understand that saving them has more limitations than saving the pillars of Europe. So we will never drop Greece. It is a matter of historical consciousness, of honor as it were. Do the Greek realise this? Is that the reason they are over and again able to convince the rest to keep on giving? More than 400 billion…Good job, in exchange for our collective relief.  Let’s admit it: we are happy to save Hellas!

The EU is much more than laws and rules: it is a cultural unity, built on history, tradition, art, rituals, language and many other soft assets. The relevance of Greece is the relevance of the EU. Which doesn’t mean Italy shouldn’t clean up its mess too.

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