The Vodafones record your every step

If you think Google Latitude is the only way to share your location with the outside world or that FourSquare is just a nice little game, you are wrong. Cellphone companies know far more than you ever thought, as a German client found out last week. Through a court case he discovered that Deutsche Telekom, his provider, followed almost all his whereabouts and kept a record. In his case the provider recorded and saved 35.000 longitude-latitude coordinates in just six months time. This means one recording every seven minutes! It traced him in trains, bars, libraries and shops. Unlike online services and Web sites that must send ‘cookies’  to a user’s computer to try to link its traffic to a specific person , cellphone companies simply have to hit ‘record’.  Not only are we all walking around with little tags, we have no idea who is recording what and for what purpose. It may be that the young generation makes no difference between the virtual and the real world and that spying is an accepted spin off of the electronic gaming world, but it makes me rather angry at the cellphone companies and their indiscrete approach of individual lives. What to do?

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