Transmedia or how to seduce real followers

The other day I was writing about the necessity of a new language. This is what I received today from the John Adams Institute in Amsterdam as a comment on a new story telling course they are planning in May and June. This is what I want to share with you:

‘’ Stories are no longer static things. Writers today rely on networks of fans and readers not only to circulate content, but to help expand the story. Popular transmedia franchises, from Tolkien and Harry Potter to Twilight and The Walking Dead, mobilize massive numbers of readers and viewers, who take part in the process via social networks. At the same time, storytelling is becoming less a matter of inventing new stories, and more about the development of recognizable ‘story-worlds’ that allow for many different versions and variations to exist side by side.’’
‘’Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are examples of such transmedia franchises in which television series, books, comics, and video games play off each other to stimulate communities of fans who share materials on social networks. User-created content like memes, mashups, and fan fiction are transforming these audiences from passive spectators to active communities that invest in the development of the stories. As a result, storytelling is a more immersive experience than ever before, one in which the whole culture participates. In some cases, like the fan-created Twilight spin-off Fifty Shades of Grey, user-generated content even develops into a new franchise, with its own mass audience and a cottage industry of spin-offs and copycats.’’

I believe it would help lots of story tellers to sign up to this course. I am talking about agencies, consultants, lecturers, marketers, web designers and boards of directors. Feed your brand with today’s story telling techniques. Imagine a CEO of a big company talking to his shareholders in story-worlds that inspire user-generated content…What a different world we would get.

For more information on the course you can contact:
Maarten van Essen at or call 020-624 72 80


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  • ramin karimiyan
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    hey Mark, you are great a great man in many senses. you still are flying above the peaks of mountains.there only God can reside! do you really believe we may have a new world as such?
    I’d like to come up with it if it is so simple.

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