Twitteritis is the fastest spreading addiction in our world. Talking to users of Twitter I know, under thirty, I found that one of the symptoms is naivity. Another is professional deceiving. And yet another is the quickly rising star of relatively uninteresting individuals. Let me explain.

When you Twitter your stuff you cannot expect to think of all the consequences your opinion will have for your family, friends, employers etc. who you might have irritated or embarassed. I am talking not only of today, but about the far future. What is on Twitter will always stay. Always. Too much thinking means asking for a writer’s block. So you just write. Years later you will find that it was a mistake, that it suddenly creates a problem for your job, your political party or your mother in law. You are sorry you had an opinion that has changed with age and time? Too late.

Twitter has the potential to make professional liers out of honest people. The seduction is too big: post a little lie and see what happens! They believe you, at least the readers will think that when there is smoke….It becomes extremely difficult to know what is true and what is not when you follow Twitter. Is it time for a quality stamp? But who would be in the selection committee? Indeed…

Last but not least: if everyone is a journalist, an observer, an opinion leader, a historian, a manipulator and so on, it is no surprise that the Twitter follower is often bored to death. So much superficial nonsense per second! But no one complains, it seems, except me.

Twitteritis, who cares? Most addicts probably use it to attract attention while others use the free information to write their own stories and opinions and to make some money. 80% of journalists world wide seem to get their info from Twitter. Good luck to the editors of newspapers, magazines and TV programs. Finding out what is true, authentic, original, new or even news is a job in itself. Twitter looks so simple, but it is the most challenging and complicated medium I know. Its potential is probably more dangerous than it is positive. Transparency is not only killing for dictators but also for the privacy and intimacy of ordinary people and (vulnerable) information centers, like the police, the church, the Defense Ministries, justice departments and hospitals. Twitteritis will result in millions of victims. But for the time being, just enjoy it.

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