Weapons a gogo

Did you know that more than 2000 people are being killed, every day, by fire arms (source: Oxfam)? 360.000 men, women and children, every year, not only in war zones but also at home? And that there is no law preventing nations to sell their deadly merchandise to any other nation as long as it is prepared to pay? This is for instance the reason why nobody can stop Russia from delivering weapons to the Syrian regular army. At the end of this month the UN will organize a conference in New York on how to regulate the trade in conventional arms that had an estimated turnover of 100 billion dollars in 2012 alone. Don’t worry, there is an International Treaty on the Trade of conventional Arms (TCA), signed by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, China, the USA, the United Kingdom, France and Russia, who just happen to be the biggest weapon dealers in the world. How depressing. The Treaty doesn’t work because not enough nations are prepared to sign the definite bill, and because weapons that are included in development projects just like ‘donations’ are not covered, leaving huge openings to keep on trading even if there would be a tougher Treaty. Interestingly enough, amunition is not included in the Treaty either. Without amunition though, no gun can work. Don’t ask where the logic of all this is: it is in the wallet, of course. The US alone are responsible for 36,5% of the lucrative trade. Remember December 2012, the killings at a school in Newton? 27 children and teachers left dead? The nation was in shock, but nothing changed. Almost every grown up citizen can buy a gun just down the road or by mail. The power of the National Riffle Association is still too big to be ignored, whatever president Obama has tried. All weapon exporting countries are probably rather happy with the NRA as it allows them to go on with their business while pretending to wish to change the world. Hypocrisy and greed rule and will rule, as long as the UN as a whole keeps such a low profile and keeps lacking even a tiny bit of power.

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