What about Kate?

Mr. & Mrs. Barack Obama walked around in Buckingham Palace yesterday and wondered why it is so much bigger than the White House. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William & Kate) showed them around. They are convinced that an older nation, the cradle of democracy, has the right to have more extravagant palaces than the young democracy on the other side of the Atlantic. Kate feels at home. From the house of her toy producing parents to the real Toy is only a small step. She smiles and can hardly hide her excitement.  Lord, did she find her prince! To say that she is a gold digger would be utterly unkind. Not to see that she enjoys being a duchess, a land lady in a huge historical shop, would be terribly naive. But everybody loves her. No one doubts that it is pure love, not love of status, of wealth or of fame. Such thoughts would ruin the party. Did you say that most women have a second agenda? That they focus on power and influence (and cash) when they look for the right husband? But yesterday you insisted that powerful men are the scandalous figures in this whole game. Please make up your mind: who is who’s victim?

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